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Appetizer and Food Compliments


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Kashk-e-Bademjon کشک بادمجان

Sauteed fancy eggplant and onions in vegetable oil cooked with tomato and topped with a thin layer of kashk or yogurt and mint.

$ 8,00
Dolmeh دُلـمه

Deliciously stuffed baby grape leaves with rice, onions, herbs and spices, steam cooked to its perfection.

$ 8,00
Tah Deeg ته دیگ

It literally means the bottom of the pot. The crispy rice with desired stew poured atop and it's great to share. With 2 topping $2.00 extra.

$ 10,00
Sabzee khordan سبزی خوردن

A variety of fresh greens such as lemon basil, mint, baby leek, cilantro, green onions and feta cheese. Make your own little vegetarian bites with the pita bread on your table.

$ 6,00
Must-o-Musir ماست و موسیر

Home made thick and drained yogurt with finely chopped shallots.

$ 7,00
Must-o-khiar ماست و خیار

Home made yogurt with finely diced garden cucumbers and mint.

$ 7,00
Torshee ترشی

Diced fresh cauliflowers, carrots, garlic, celery, eggplant and much more; pickled and aged in red wine vinegar. This unique food compliment is recommended to go alone with your main dish.

$ 6,00
Salad Sheerazee سالاد شیرازی

A finely chopped and diced blend of fresh garden tomatoes, cucumber and onion with our delicious house dressing.

$ 7,00
Ash Reshteh آش رشته

This delicious Persian soup is made with wheat noodles and a variety of fresh herbs, lentils, garbanzo and kidney beans and topped with creamy yogurt, sauteed onions and mint.

$ 8,00
Addassee عدسی

This home made soup is prepared with lentil beans and sauteed onions in tomato sauce.

$ 6,00